Ministry Leaders

Set The Example. Lead and Learn.

“If you want to keep leading, you must keep learning.  Yesterday’s growth cannot suffice for today.  We must remain teachable and flexible.” (Word of Faith Vision Bible)

Certificate of Church Leadership (CCL)

Ministry Leaders play a crucial role at Word oF Faith. We rely on them to lead God's people in service to the Body of Christ. We are so appreciative for their sacrifice and service to the ministry.

The CCL program provides a strong biblical foundation in church leadership, spiritual formation and WOF protocol.  This training is designed to equip those preparing for leadership positions within Word of Faith as well as those who are currently serving as a ministry leader.

Certificate of Christian Marketplace Leadership (CCML)

The CCML program for marketplace leaders has a focus on biblical foundations and marketplace leadership skills. Marketplace leaders will experience customized Masters level business training and development. They will be taught by ministers, successful business professionals, and marketplace leaders who will help guide them through how they can let their faith shine through good works, in a secular environment. They will also learn how to be competent leaders who know how to positively impact the bottom line for any organization.    

To find out more about the Ministry and Marketplace Programs, please click below to register for one of our upcoming Information Sessions.  Attendance at one of the Information Sessions is a requirement for entrance into the Ministry and Marketplace Programs.

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A Ministry Leadership Development And Ordination Process


Certificate of Deacon Leadership And Diploma of Christian Leadership


Certificate of Church And Marketplace Leadership


Bachelor and Master Degrees in Ministry


Ministry Servants


Marketplace Leader Program




Church Partner Program
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