WOF Prophetic Ministry

At Word of Faith Family Worship we believe in the five-fold administration of ministry. We are a prophetic house, with a prophetic, and apostolic Pastor. We have a prophetic leadership team who understands the importance of the prophetic in ushering in the next phase of apostolic ministry.


To provide personal words of inspiration, exhortation, comfort, and confirmation to those who come to Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral for prophetic ministry. We want to see people empowered to pursue their God-given destiny.

Important Information for Your Prophetic Session 

Once you register for a Prophetic session, you will receive an email with your Zoom Call credentials.


 - Please have a cell phone or a recording device, (with a recording app already installed) to record your prophetic session.

 - Please be in a place where you have no distractions or noises.

 - Please be prayerful prior to your session, expecting God to speak to you in a profound way. 


We know you will be blessed by the ministry you will receive.

Please click the button below to select a day and time you are available to receive your prophetic ministry.